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DANIELE TRAMBUSTI : (clicca qui per versione italiana)
1975 - Together with Nicola Vernuccio, Francesco Maccianti and Marco Lamioni, Daniele founded the group "Insieme" (Jazz & Jazz-Rock)
1978 - He played with "Bella Band", (Jazz-Rock) (Cramps Record).
1981 - Daniele founded, together with Maurizio Dami, Stefano Fuochi and Stefania Talini, the dance-cabaret multimedia group "Avida".
1982 - He played with Steve Piccolo (ex Lounge Lizzard) in his group "Domestic Exile". He appeared as drummer and sound eng. on the LP "Adaptation" (Materiali Sonori Record).
1984 / 1989 - In his own recording-studio G.A.S. "Global Art System" in Florence, Daniele began producing and playing with various italian and european “Indies” groups , as Violet Eves, Moda, Rinf, Diaframma, Windopen, Steven Brown, Dennis & the Jets, Litfiba and many others.
1985 - He composed and realized "Maternity Music Relax", ( Prenatal)
1987 - He produced and played on LP dei Litfiba "17 re" he recorded "12-5-87 Aprite i vostri occhi" and he started playing as session-man, during the following tour.
1987 - He played with Moda, Davide Riondino, Massimo Altomare and Ernesto de Pascale’s Hipnodance.
1987 - Daniele played with Elliott Murphy on "D.O.C." (Popular program of live-music on RAI 3).
1988 - He produced the CD "Roi de pierre" (EPM) of French-Corsican composer-singer J. Paul Poletti. This was the first work in a long series.
1989 - He started teaching. Today Daniele is still member of Laboratorio Musicale Periferico di Firenze teaching drum and computer music.
1989 / 1992 - He was asked to join the popular rock band Litfiba. Daniele toured Italy and Europe (more than 200 concerts) and recorded two successful albums: "El diablo" and "Sogno ribelle"; two singles: "Tex '90" and "Cangaceiro"; three video clip: "Il vento", "El diablo", "Proibito" e "Gioconda" and two long tour-video: "Pirata Tour", "El diablo Tour...
1992 - He realized music for Paolo Hendel’s show "Alla deriva" .
1994 - He produced "Sintineddi" a great album of the most important Corsican folk group "Canta u Populu Corsu", touring with them along France.
1995 - He joined the "Grand Wazoo Orchestra", an experience based on Frank Zappa’ music, founded by the bass player Franco Nesti and  C.A.M. of Florence.
1996 - Daniele started composing and realizing soundtracks. With the nickname “Daniele Caos” ,  till today, he realized  42 films e 5 documentaries.
1996 / 2003 - During two different tours he played with Federico Fiumani’s group Diaframma. With Federico, one of the most important italian rock song-writer, Daniele mixed the album "Non e’ tardi" and he played on "Sesso e violenza" (1996) , "Scenari Immaginari" (1998) and "Volume 13" (2003).
1997 - He played on Steve Piccolo’s CD "Hylarity workshop" (Under) and Marco Lamioni’s "L’estate insuperabile" and "Slow" (2001) (Sony).
2000 / 2002 - He worked as sound eng. on Piero Pelu’s albums "Ne' buoni ne' cattivi" and "UDS".
2003 - 2020 - He plays with Killer Queen, official italian Queen tribute band, publishing 4 live albums and with more than 600 concerts to his credit in Italy, France, Switzerland,Spain,Malta and Malesia.
He was consultant in computer music for the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and for IRSSAE Toscana .